The Easiest Way to Next-Level your Pre-Rolls!

The Flow Shredder is a large scale herb grinder designed to make the PERFECT PRE-ROLL with a voluminous fluff-cut that allows specific air flow to enhance the burn.

Flow Shredder Cannabis Grinder
Our Best Pre-Roll Grinder
Perfectly ground weed

The Perfect Pre-Roll Needs the Perfect Cut

The “BEST CUT” concept comes from big tobacco and has been reimagined for flow from legal cannabis. This allows an exact particle size that meets the highest standards. The cut is made by evenly spaced folding blades which outperform “weed wacker” or round-type grinders.

The Flow Shredder industrial grinding machine has patents filed that include its gently warmed low-agitation blades that protect terpenes and keef. This means less dust, intact trichomes, and the oils being reapplied to the plant as your flower is folded into the blades.

Do you need to de-stem? Well, that’s up to you. We like to say “quality in, quality out.”

Backed by over thirty years of experience and a 3 month warranty, we firmly believe this is a superior commercial grinder that will truly elevate the quality of your pre-rolls.

The Flow Shredder

The Flow Shredder is a heavy-duty, large-capacity grinder for all of your wholesale needs. With state-of-the-art grinding technology, the Flow Shredder will elevate your pre-roll production process.

The Flow Shredder retails for $4,500, but contact us today for our best pricing, special bundles, and other deals.

Ape-Hex pre-roll machines trust the Flow Grinder so much they give one away for free with each purchase or lease of an Ape-Hex machine. Learn more about how to get a free Flow Shredder.

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Flow Shredder Large Grinding Machine


We have a consistent product every time because of the Flow Shredder’s flawless grinding capabilities.
– Mario B.


Love it! Our pre-roll production has greatly increased because of the Flow Shredder. Excellent product!
– Kate L.


The Flow Shredder is exceedingly easy to use to its fullest capability and requires very little maintenance.
– Billy R.

Priority VIP access to RAW cones

The Flow Shredder is one of the best heavy-duty marijuana grinders for pre-rolls. HBI Customers who purchase a Flow Shredder get premier access to RAW Cones because we know our cones are being filled with perfectly ground material! It makes the smoker happier and elevates all of us together.

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